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Reasons how showing compassion can benefit YOU

Young Woman Meditating on the Floor --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Young Woman Meditating on the Floor — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Compassion isn’t a big thing these days, there aren’t a lot of people willing to be compassionate to someone else, but hopefully that will soon change. Compassionate people use to be all around, but now they are few and far between, and that has to change. The world is thinking more about money than the people in it, and if it continues that way there will be nothing to be compassionate about. It’s time someone like you stepped up to the plate and started being compassionate, and if you are already compassionate then happy days. Here are a few of the many benefits in which being compassionate towards other people can help your own life:

  • It makes you feel good about yourself – There is no better feeling in this world than helping someone out and feeling good about it afterwards. Whenever I help someone out and they say “thank you” that is all I need to have a smile on my face for at least the rest of the day. I always feel like I’ve done something special and I’m sure many others around are the same way. Try it out for yourself, go and help someone out and see how good you feel about yourself, I can almost guarantee you will feel proud of yourself.
  • Sit in meditation on a comfortable yoga mat and reflect on the role that compassion has played in healing your old relationships throughout your life. Recognise that only by seeing the world through another persons eyes that you can empathise with their journey and have compassion for their pain. Only then can you forgive them and yourself.
  • Karma plays an important role in your life – You’ve probably heard of all of the stories about how being horrible to someone will always come back and bite you when you are least expecting it – that’s what karma is. Karma works in the same way as when people are kind to others, if you are nice to someone the chances are someone will be nice to you later down the line.
  • Good things come to those who are kind – Good things always come to those that are kind, whether that be love or an object they’ve always wanted. You might think that it doesn’t, and to be honest it can’t be proven, but just because someone is now in love with you doesn’t mean it wasn’t because you were kind a long time ago. Who’s to say you would now be in love if you weren’t kind to that person 20 years ago? Nobody can prove that either.
  • Be compassionate to others and they will be compassionate to you – When you find yourself down in the dumps and someone shows compassion to you, you will find that it was because you were compassionate to someone else back in the day. This all works in the same way as karma but you can be sure if you show compassion you will get it back in the same way as you gave it.
  • It shows your friends and family you care – Another great thing about showing compassion, is that your friends and family will see it, and that couldn’t make anyone prouder. They will love you even more for being the nice person you are; knowing that you like to help out goes a long way with family and friends. They will then know that they can come to you for any help and advice, and you will ultimately know you can do the same if you ever needed it.

The above are just some of the ways showing compassion to others can help benefit your life, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. Sometimes you have to take what you can get in life, and if that means showing compassion to make you feel happy about yourself, why not? Compassion works in mysterious ways but the fact is, showing compassion will benefit your life.

Forgiveness and compassion is the way forward when you Divorce


Whether you are happily married or you are currently single and possibly looking for a relationship, you can be sure that more often than not eventually you will be on the receiving end of a divorce settlement. Most couples stay happily married for years and end up seeing out there lives with each other, but there are many others that do not see that happening and end up wanting a divorce. This doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything wrong with wanting a divorce or what you are doing is wrong, it just means that you are not happy and you are looking for something different in life, and who can blame you?

Of course, when the divorce talk arrives things generally get a little bit bitter and twisted. Whether you are the person wanting the divorce or the person on the receiving end of it, you can be sure things aren’t going to get any easier. The problem is, when the divorce talk arrives, other things have to be taken into account as well, the car, the house, and in worst situations the children involved. The main priority is that everybody ends up happy, especially the children, so it’s always important to be a grown up and decide quickly and quietly about what you want to achieve from the divorce.

You have to decide on plenty of things so no one blames anyone for getting a bit bitter when the divorce is underway. But what is important is that eventually you both realize that it isn’t just you that is involved, the chances are you already have children that are at school and possibly having exams – the last thing they want is their parents getting bitter with one another. They are the ones that have the hardest jobs, they are the ones that have to accept their no longer going to see their parents in the same room laughing and joking, and spending family time together.

Whether you are the person initiating the divorce or the person on the receiving end of it, one of you has to step up to the plate and be a grown up about everything and let the other person know that nothing is worth fighting about, showing compassion goes a long way to making a divorce work in the nicest possible way. The children aren’t going to be happy either way, but there is no point making them even more miserable than they have to be by fighting with your partner. The great thing about showing compassion to your partner when you are going through a divorce is that people can see you are being compassionate about it and you are not worried about anything other than making your children happy.

You may not even have any children, and instead you have a car together and a house, it still needs to be sorted out in the nicest possible way. One of the many benefits sorting things out quickly and quietly is that you both get what you want quicker and you can get on with starting your own lives without each other. Another big plus is that when things are paid for quicker after the divorce settlement, no interest is accrued and you end up not losing as much money as what would normally happen with a divorce that went on for ages. Showing a bit of compassion to both parties goes a long way and it doesn’t need to be as horrible and take as long to achieve – and at the end of it everybody can be civilized.


Photo by Tony Guyton


How compassion became a lost skill


When you look at the previous generations of people, you quickly wonder where all the compassion has gone, it’s like it has just vanished out of nowhere. Of course, not all generations were filled to the brim of compassionate people, but they certainly had more compassion back then than what we do now. That doesn’t necessarily mean there are no longer any compassionate people about, as there are still a lot of them about, but it would certainly be nice to see some more. So how has compassion become a lost skill? There are plenty of answers to that, and we will look at some of those below.

  • Social media – Could social media have had an impact? It’s a question that can’t be answered with a fact, but a lot of people seem to think it has played a part in it. The problem with social media is that it has created so much hate among communities, and it has shown what some people are really about in terms of being nasty. A lot of people these days are like sheep, so when one person does something on social media another person has to do it. This means that not many people show compassion on social media these days, and are more interested in taking pictures of themselves.
  • Media – The media must have played a massive part in terms of showing no compassion, the papers and the televised media are more interested in promoting paedophiles and murderers, instead of showing anything nice. This has played a part in compassion becoming a lost skill because now people are so hurt by what is going on around them, they have nothing left to be compassionate about.
  • Celebrity spotlight – A lot of the younger generation follow their favourite celebrities, and there Is certainly nothing wrong with that, but it could have an effect on people lacking compassion. The younger generation are more interested in seeing what their favourite celebrities are up to than they are interested in the people around them.
  • It’s all about money – The whole world is now wild about money, everything is money and it’s no surprise really as everybody needs it to live. The problem is that people are more interested in money for themselves than they are worried about the welfare of others – it’s had a massive effect on lost compassion. More people these days are worried about their own financial situation which isn’t a bad thing, but back in the day when no one had any money people were much kinder.
  • Reputation – It’s all about people’s reputation these days, no one cares about anyone else’s reputation and it’s all about their own. People want to be superstars and celebrities instead of showing compassion to others. There is nothing wrong in wanting more than everybody else in life, but there is still plenty of time for people to be compassionate without thinking about themselves.
  • Businesses – Some businesses out there don’t treat their employees with the respect they deserve, they aren’t compassionate about their employees. Some employees don’t get a fair wage for what they do, and they still often get treated unfairly when compared with other employees. Businesses are all out to make money and they are forgetting about the people that make the business work.

The problem is when people don’t get shown compassion they often don’t show compassion themselves, so it’s just a long line of uncompassionate people that eventually makes it a lost skill. People need to start thinking about other people and then other people will follow, that’s just how the world works these days.

Photography by Storebukkebruse